Flower Fountain – Troubleshooting

How can I make my Flower Fountain less noisy?

Make sure that the surface underneath your fountain is sturdy and completely level. Place your fountain on the floor, not on a table or a countertop. A wooden floor will naturally be noisier than a concrete floor or tiles. Also, fill your fountain all the way up to the wavy line in the plastic rim, and clean your pump each month. For the cleaning of your pump and fountain, you can use the Catit Fountain Cleaning Set. The hard bristle brush has a small tip for accessing small areas while the flower-shaped cleaning sponge has various textures for optimal cleaning.

  • Fountain Cleaning Set

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Why is the pump of my Flower Fountain becoming less powerful?

The pump becomes less powerful when it is clogged with cat hair or other debris. To resolve this issue, check out the video below. Another reason why your pump might not seem powerful enough is that the slider on the Flower Fountain pump might be slid to the wrong side. Slide the slider to the + side for a maximum capacity. Please note that only newer models of the Flower Fountain have this slider.

How do I prevent my cat from taking the Flower Fountain apart?

The Flower Fountain was designed to be easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes and for the safety of your cat. Since the components come loose relatively easily, your cat cannot break parts or tip over the fountain. After having taken the fountain apart a few times, cats tend to lose interest in playing with the fountain.

How do I prevent my cat from knocking over the Flower Fountain?

Fill your fountain all the way up to the wavy line in the plastic rim. A fully filled fountain will be nearly impossible for a cat to knock over.

Can I buy the flower of the Flower Fountain separately?

The flower of the Catit Flower Fountain is being sold separately.

What is the black sediment in my Flower Fountain?

The black sediment is active carbon that escapes from the filter. The black discharge can be prevented by rinsing the filter thoroughly under the tap for several minutes before placing it inside the Flower Fountain. The small quantities of activated carbon that escape from the filter will not harm your cat.

Why does my filter float?

The Flower Fountain filter should be rinsed thoroughly and submerged in a bucket of water before placing it inside the Flower Fountain. In case your filter keeps floating, the filter can be placed upside down in the fountain for a few days. This should prevent flotation. After a few days, please flip the filter back to its normal position.

Why does my filter turn orange?

The white mesh of the Flower Fountain might turn orange due to iron particles inside the active carbon. If you notice a severe orange discoloration, please replace your filter.

Why does my filter turn red-pinkish?

This colorful hue might be caused by a bacterium called Serratia Marcescens. This bacterium is abundantly present in the environment and prefers damp conditions. When this discoloration happens, replace the filter and clean the cat fountain thoroughly. Make sure the filter is submerged at all times, and prevent leaving the filter inside the fountain when you turn it off for a long time.

How to prevent mold from forming on the filter?

To prevent mold from forming on top of the filter, make sure that the Flower Fountain filter is submerged at all times. The water inside the Flower Fountain should always reach up to the wavy line in the plastic rim. Only turn off your cat fountain for maintenance and cleaning so the filter stays wet at all times.

Which replacement filters do I need?

The Flower Fountain should be used with the Triple Action Filters, which are sold in packs of 2 and packs of 5.

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