Multi Feeder – Troubleshooting

On this page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Catit Multi Feeder. Do you still have a question about this product? Please contact our customer service so we can add your question and its respective answer to this page.

How do I prevent my Multi Feeder from toppling over?

The Multi Feeder has an inner storage compartment which can be filled with kibble, treats, toys, or rice to weigh down the Multi Feeder. Simply lift up the green top and store the items inside.


How do I teach my cat to use the Multi Feeder?

Start off by inserting your cat’s favorite treats inside the paw pit. Later, when your cat gets the hang of it, replace the treats by kibble. Make sure that your cat is a little peckish when you try out the Multi Feeder. If your cat has an easier access to food elsewhere, your cat will ignore the food inside the Multi Feeder.