Vesper Box Small – Getting Started

How do I assemble my Vesper Box Small?

Thank you for having purchased a piece of Vesper cat furniture! We hope you and your cat will enjoy the latest addition to your interior design. Our Vesper cat furniture is designed to be appealing, sturdy, and comfortable for your cat to relax and play on. Did you know that all of our cat furniture has been approved by our beloved office cat and professional cat toy tester Pixi? We bet your cat will enjoy their new piece of furniture just as much as Pixi does. But first, it’s time to install everything.

Do you dislike installing furniture just like us? At Catit, we understand that installing a piece of furniture with only a printed manual to guide you can be tricky. That is why we created video manuals for our Vesper furniture line. Watch how the furniture is installed and pause at any moment to look at things in closer detail. Our video manuals will make installing your new piece of Vesper furniture easy as pie! This means that both you and your cat will be able to enjoy your new furniture in no time!

In the video above, you can find a step-by-step guide on how to install your Vesper Box Small.
Need some extra information? Please download the instruction manual.