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Adopting a new cat?

We have all the treats, toys, and supplies you need to take care of your new furry friend. Keep reading to discover all the best kitty essentials!


Ensure your kitty is drinking enough to keep them hydrated and healthy with a steady flow of water.

Meal Time

Keep meal time stress-free with our shallow feeding dishes that don't touch their sensitive whiskers.

Play Time

Entertain your cat in their new surroundings, we have lots of interactive toys to keep them busy!

Reward Time

Reward your kitty with super tasty, all natural treats they will be sure to love!

Hiding Out

Your cat needs the perfect hideout for playing, lounging and napping!

Potty Time

When your cat has to go, they have to go, ensure you have the best litter for delicate paws.

Safe Travel

Make trips to the vet a breeze with our top-of-the-line cat carriers, harnesses and breakaway collars.